Your Hand Position On The HandShoe Mouse

handshoe mouse hand support

This article explains why your hand position on a HandShoe Mouse is different from all other mice.
The importance of hand support was also addressed in our article about the “effect of a computer mouse, supporting the hand“.

When you are used to work with a conventional mouse or some sort of non-optimal ergonomic mouse, your muscles may quite often get stressed.
That’s why it may feel a bit strange, when you put your hand on the HandShoe mouse for the first time. Of course you must make sure to use the proper size of HandShoe mouse: small, medium or large.

Relax Hand and Fingers on the HandShoe Mouse

Now you can relax your hand and fingers. You don’t have to hold on to this mouse to be able to use it.
Your hand lies on the mouse in a relaxed fashion. To find the optimal position for your hand and fingers, just place your hand on the HandShoe Mouse.
The middle joint of your thumb will be nicely supported by the thumb support. The soft tissue of the middle joint should rest on the support which feels really comfortable.

Pinky Side of Hand is Supported by a HandShoe Mouse

Next let the ulnar or pinky side of your hand rest on the nicely curved support which runs along the full length of the HandShoe Mouse.
Your hand and fingers are now fully supported from the wrist, up to the tip of your little finger.
Your entire hand is perfectly relaxed, and you will immediately notice the support and comfort your HandShoe Mouse provides!

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