University Research Proves Ergonomic Mouse Design

handshoe mouse benefits

Many stories about ergonomic mice are based on guessing, rather than proper, university based research. The good news is that the special shape of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse was created after years of university research and checked by electro myogram (EMG) measurements, which were set up as shown in the video below.

The EMG signal shows the activity of your extensor muscles while using the mouse. For the test, moments of rest were followed by moments of activity like clicking the buttons. The special shape of the HandShoe Mouse ensures that the red line shows no activity during rest and only activity while clicking. Using a traditional mouse requires continuous activity of your extensor muscles, due to gripping and pinching.

As you can see here, for a vertical mouse the result is even worse due to the reaction force of the thumb with respect to the fingers when clicking. That’s why on the HandShoe Mouse your hand is fully supported and relaxed at an angle of twenty to thirty degrees.  The HandShoe Mouse is backed by proper research and the only mouse that fits like a glove!

Watch this one minute video to see for yourself.

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