Fundamental Research Proof For Slanted Mouse

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Fundamental research by a Dutch university has shown that extending your hand and continous hovering of your fingers above the buttons of a conventional computer mouse causes an un-interrupted excessive load of your hand and fingers. The same study shows that this is also the case when using most, so called, ergonomic mice.  Professor Han-Ming-Chen of national Taiwan university proved that the use of any non-slanted mouse will cause discomfort in your forearms and shoulders while using a mouse with a suitable slanted angle provides a more neutral hand position. It reduces forearm and shoulder muscle activity and thus the risk of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

A too large slanted angle will again result in higher muscle activity and thus increase risk. On top of this it has been shown that continuous low intensity muscle activity may damage the finer muscle tissue, also known as the cinderella effect.

Field research has shown that the ideal, slanted HandShoe Mouse fulfills all ergonomic requirements as concluded from the world wide, extensive, university based research.

Watch the one minute ergonomic mouse video:


Why You May Be Suffering From Repetitive Strain Injury

Today, many computer users are suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, due to the use of a traditional computer mouse or an inadequate ergonomic mouse.

Years of university based research has shown that a standard computer mouse is simply too small for your hand and is forcing your hand and fingers in an unnatural gripping and pinching position.
This may result in tension in your deep neck muscles, which will reduce the space between the first rib and the clavicular bone. This causes pressure on nerves, arteries and veins and a restricted blood flow in your arms and hands. 

Research has also shown that, when using a conventional computer mouse, you are almost continuously lifting your fingers above the mouse to prevent inadvertent clicking. This may lead to over exertion of the extensor muscles in your arms and hands and will also cause tension in the deep neck muscles and a reduced blood flow.

That’s why the special shape of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse prevents gripping, pinching and hovering and  does reduce the risk for Repetitive Strain Inury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Watch the one minute video to see for yourself.

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Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury

Did you know that one in six workers are suffering from some form of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)  or Carpal Tunnel  Syndrome, mostly related to intensive use of a traditional computer mouse?

Welcome to the home of the truly ergonomic computer mouse, the HandShoe Mouse, the only mouse that fits like a glove.

The HandShoe Mouse has been developed by a Dutch medical university and has been tested in large organizations for almost two years.  During these tests we saw many people, who were suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury, coming back to work again.

The unique and patented shape of the HandShoe Mouse fully supports your hand in the best, relaxed position and prevents gripping and pinching like you do when you use  a standard  mouse. The HandShoe Mouse comes in three different sizes, depending on the size of your hand. Please have a look around our website and check out the research page to see for yourself which  difference the HandShoe Mouse makes.

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