HandShoe Mouse Announces New Arrival of the XS Version

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Press Release, issued by Hippus N.V. on 30 November 2013

Hippus N.V., originating from the medical faculties of two Dutch universities, has been selling the HandShoe Mouse for the past seven years with increasing success. Thousands of users all over the world have selected this ergonomic mouse, the only mouse that fully supports your hand.

The HandShoe Mouse was developed in answer to the many complaints from users of conventional or vertical mice, who were (and many still are) suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or, in general, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). These physical ailments are caused by the fact that people are constantly gripping the conventional or vertical mouse and hovering their fingers above the buttons of a conventional mouse. Research by several universities, throughout the world, has shown that the HandShoe Mouse not only offers support for your hand and wrist but also prevents the hovering action made by your fingers. Use of the HandShoe Mouse means your fingers rest on the Light Click buttons of our ergonomic mouse.

Until now, the HandShoe Mouse has been available in different sizes, to fit Large, Medium or Small hands.

We received many requests though, to produce an Extra Small version for adults with smaller hands, which is also suitable for children. That’s why we’re proud to announce the arrival of our new XS version, designed to fit a hand size of up to155 mm (6.1 inches), measured from your wrist to the top of your ring finger.

The first XS model will be a right hand wired XS HandShoe Mouse, which is expected to be available in January 2014.

The new arrival will be on display at the world’s most significant ergonomic conference and exposition, the Ergo Expo in Las Vegas,December 4-6 2013.

The Benefits of Using a HandShoe Mouse

With more and more people interacting with touchscreen devices rather than traditional computing inputs, you might be forgiven for thinking that the era of the mouse and keyboard is over. Even Microsoft has decided to embrace tactile displays, with Windows 8 doing away with the Start menu and turning its primary interface into a touch-friendly, tiled affair.

However, millions of people still need computer mice in order to interact with their PCs and there are plenty of different options on the market, from the basic to the specialist. The HandShoe mouse falls into the latter category, setting out to offer users the most ergonomic pointing experience on the market thanks to its fluid, intuitive design that, as the name suggests, fits your hand like a shoe fits your foot.

Using a mouse all day every day can leave you with more than just sore joints; you might also develop serious disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, or a repetitive strain injury. This is because the standard design of a mouse is not all that ergonomic, requiring that you hold your hand in an unnatural position for an extended period, thus perpetuating these issues.

handshoe mouse benefitsThe imperfect design of mice also means that when you hold them, your fingers will often be hovering over the buttons while you grip the unit from the side. This means that your hand and arm are never at rest and this tension can build up over time and do you damage.

The HandShoe mouse has been created in order to combat the issues associated with standard pointing devices, with the design based on research conducted by a Dutch medical university.

The mouse itself is large enough to rest your entire palm on its surface, while your fingers and thumb will fall naturally into a comfortable position while still giving you access to all of the buttons typically found on this kind of device.

The idea is that your hand and wrist will be provided with support and the shape of the mouse, which has been awarded a patent, will not require any of the usual gripping or pinching which can be the root of physical problems caused by traditional mice.

Choice of Three Sizes

The HandShoe mouse does not take a one size fits all approach. Instead there is a choice of three sizes that accommodate people with small, medium or large hands.

There are of course other mouse devices out there that claim to be ergonomically designed, but few can match up to the HandShoe mouse when it comes to the quality of the experience. If you have to spend all day at a PC and do not believe that the touch screen revolution is going to trickle down to standard desktop machines for some time, this product could offer you the relief you require.

You can always use mobile phone contracts to get your fill of touchscreen interaction and then take advantage of the HandShoe mouse when you are at the office or in your den at home.

Repetitive Strain Injury May Come Back Within Hours

RSI potential

It is a well known fact that muscles in your hand and arm get used to all sorts of actions and positions.
This of course applies specifically to the standard mouse which is generally too small for your hand. It forces your hand and fingers in an awkward position to be able to hold onto the mouse. For example thumb and little finger have to  grip the mouse while the other 3 fingers sort of hang over the mouse, this to prevent inadvertent switching. Not only is this position of the hand uncomfortable, it results in excessive muscle tension with detrimental effects. One of the first signs is pain in and around the wrist and around the upper part of the forearm, the elbow. When you continue working like this, these stresses can even result in pain in shoulders and neck. (Ref. www.handshoemouse.com/research.html)

Therefore the Erasmus University Medical Center, looked at the possibility to relieve the computer mouse user of these unnecessary stresses and strains. During the initial fundamental research professor Chris Snijders and drs. ing. Paul Helder showed that a good hand support could reduce or even eliminate these unnecessary muscle forces. The subsequent field study substantiated this.
We are proud to mention that during EMG measurements with the Medical Faculty of the University of Maastricht it was shown that our assumptions were correct.
Now, after a number of years, having gained experience with the HandShoe Mouse, we are of the opinion that this truly ergonomic mouse provides the necessary relief to reduce the risk of RSI complaints to a minimum.

Always Use Your Ergonomic Mouse At home Too

For example, a number of HandShoe Mouse users state, that when using another, conventional mouse at home, while using the HandShoe Mouse in the office, the aforementioned stresses and strains in hands and fingers immediately re-occur.
That’s why we advise to take the HandShoe Mouse with you and use it everywhere you work with PC or laptop. The HandShoe Mouse cable, which is an industry standard cable, can easily be disconnected from the mouse. And if you have a spare cable at home, you can simply connect the HandShoe Mouse to your home PC. If you use a wireless HandShoe Mouse version, make sure you also bring the dongle (micro receiver) which takes care of the communication between mouse and computer.
Thus it is very easy to connect the mouse when you have cables connected to the various work stations you use.