Fundamental Research Proof For Slanted Mouse

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Fundamental research by a Dutch university has shown that extending your hand and continous hovering of your fingers above the buttons of a conventional computer mouse causes an un-interrupted excessive load of your hand and fingers. The same study shows that this is also the case when using most, so called, ergonomic mice.  Professor Han-Ming-Chen of national Taiwan university proved that the use of any non-slanted mouse will cause discomfort in your forearms and shoulders while using a mouse with a suitable slanted angle provides a more neutral hand position. It reduces forearm and shoulder muscle activity and thus the risk of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

A too large slanted angle will again result in higher muscle activity and thus increase risk. On top of this it has been shown that continuous low intensity muscle activity may damage the finer muscle tissue, also known as the cinderella effect.

Field research has shown that the ideal, slanted HandShoe Mouse fulfills all ergonomic requirements as concluded from the world wide, extensive, university based research.

Watch the one minute ergonomic mouse video:


Best Ergonomic Mouse Has Rechargeable Battery

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When we designed the wireless HandShoe Mouse we wanted to provide as much freedom as possible. First of all you should be able to work with the mouse for several weeks before re-charging the battery and secondly you may want sufficient distance between the mouse and the communication antenna.

So we fitted a large lithium ion battery and made sure the battery life is such, that you can use the HandShoe Mouse for many hours a day, seven days a week. Normally the battery is still not empty after four weeks. We advise you, however, to charge at regular intervals, for example once a week on the same day during lunch, as long as you keep your computer switched on. If you forget it and your battery is almost fully run down, you will be warned by a flashing light under the translucent scroll wheel. You then have to connect the mouse cable to charge the battery. You can continue using the mouse, as long as you leave the antenna in place for communication. When the battery is totally flat, you may have to wait a couple of minutes as the mouse needs at least some power to work.

Watch the one minute video showing you how to charge the HandShoe Mouse battery:

More information about how to use the HandSoe Mouse is available on our HandShoe Mouse FAQ page.


University Research Proves Ergonomic Mouse Design

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Many stories about ergonomic mice are based on guessing, rather than proper, university based research. The good news is that the special shape of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse was created after years of university research and checked by electro myogram (EMG) measurements, which were set up as shown in the video below.

The EMG signal shows the activity of your extensor muscles while using the mouse. For the test, moments of rest were followed by moments of activity like clicking the buttons. The special shape of the HandShoe Mouse ensures that the red line shows no activity during rest and only activity while clicking. Using a traditional mouse requires continuous activity of your extensor muscles, due to gripping and pinching.

As you can see here, for a vertical mouse the result is even worse due to the reaction force of the thumb with respect to the fingers when clicking. That’s why on the HandShoe Mouse your hand is fully supported and relaxed at an angle of twenty to thirty degrees.  The HandShoe Mouse is backed by proper research and the only mouse that fits like a glove!

Watch this one minute video to see for yourself.