Does Your Mouse Properly Support Your Palm?

palmar support

When you use a computer mouse, the only way to prevent unnecessary tension is by using a mouse that provides proper palmar support. The way to realise this low tension, is with a mouse body that utilises a hand-supporting ball shape as a rest for the hand’s palm.

Palmar Support

The palm is ideal for supporting the hand, due to its strong membrane and the fatty tissue at the bases of our fingers. Naturally though, we need to be able to use the mouse buttons.When you use a conventional, or a vertical mouse, both your fingers and thumb operate the mouse.
This button clicking causes action and reaction forces in your fingers and thumb, introducing significant stresses to your hand muscles. This is a common source of forearm complaints. This theory is supported by anatomical observations and field research.

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Prevent Unneccesary Strains

A mouse body with a fitting contour to support the palm of your hand and fingers can prevent these reaction forces.
The body of the mouse not only supports your hand, but also acts as a counter balance, absorbing the forces and preventing  unnecessary strain to your hand, wrist or fingers.

HandShoe Mouse: Three Years Warranty on All LC models

HandShoe Mouse 3 years warranty


Breda, the Netherlands, 18 December 2013

Hippus N.V., owner and producer of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse is proud to announce that it now offers a three (3) year warranty on all of its Light Click (LC) HandShoe Mouse models.

Although most (ergonomic) mouse suppliers only offer a one year warranty, the company is confident that a three year warranty will confirm to customers, both current and prospective, that Hippus is a reliable supplier and believes in the HandShoe 3 Year Warrantyquality of its ergonomic mouse.


Claiming of warranty is subject to providing all of the following information via email to Hippus in the Netherlands.

  1. Email address and country of user
  2. Phone number of user
  3. Local supplier of the mouse
  4. Mouse type (wired or wireless) and size (Large, Medium, Small or Extra Small)
  5. Mouse serial number (visible on bottom of each mouse)


Warranty questions or claims can only be processed when all of the information above has been provided. As most of the current HandShoe Mouse warranty questions result from incorrect use, Hippus solves the far majority of issues via email or over the phone. The company is providing world wide support from its office in the

Drs. Ing. Paul C. Helder, CTO of Hippus: “We believe it’s time to show the world that we are producing the ergonomic HandShoe Mouse with a lot of confidence: it helps to protect our customers against all sorts of mouse pains.

 Warranty also valid for previously bought LC models

This three year warranty will not only be valid for all newly sold HandShoe Mouse LC models but also for all previously sold LC models. So customers who have bought the HandShoe Mouse within the past three years are also eligible to the three years warranty.


HandShoe Mouse Announces New Arrival of the XS Version

handshoe size matters
HandShoe Mouse XS
The HandShoe Mouse extended family

Press Release, issued by Hippus N.V. on 30 November 2013

Hippus N.V., originating from the medical faculties of two Dutch universities, has been selling the HandShoe Mouse for the past seven years with increasing success. Thousands of users all over the world have selected this ergonomic mouse, the only mouse that fully supports your hand.

The HandShoe Mouse was developed in answer to the many complaints from users of conventional or vertical mice, who were (and many still are) suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or, in general, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). These physical ailments are caused by the fact that people are constantly gripping the conventional or vertical mouse and hovering their fingers above the buttons of a conventional mouse. Research by several universities, throughout the world, has shown that the HandShoe Mouse not only offers support for your hand and wrist but also prevents the hovering action made by your fingers. Use of the HandShoe Mouse means your fingers rest on the Light Click buttons of our ergonomic mouse.

Until now, the HandShoe Mouse has been available in different sizes, to fit Large, Medium or Small hands.

We received many requests though, to produce an Extra Small version for adults with smaller hands, which is also suitable for children. That’s why we’re proud to announce the arrival of our new XS version, designed to fit a hand size of up to155 mm (6.1 inches), measured from your wrist to the top of your ring finger.

The first XS model will be a right hand wired XS HandShoe Mouse, which is expected to be available in January 2014.

The new arrival will be on display at the world’s most significant ergonomic conference and exposition, the Ergo Expo in Las Vegas,December 4-6 2013.