HandShoe Mouse Appoints Prestige International as US Distributor

As the  owner and producer of the truly ergonomic, evidence based Hand Shoe  Mouse we are announcing a new premier partnership with Prestige International inc. to distribute the Hand Shoe Mouse in the USA.

Prestige International will make sure that the HandShoe Mouse will be made available from local stock through all ergonomic channels and many general IT channels.

Everybody in the USA can have easy access to a HandShoe Mouse now and will enjoy working with a computer more than ever.


Ergonomic Mouse Needs Weight Balance

ergonomic mouse tilted

If you buy an ergonomic mouse to prevent repetitive strain injury, you should be aware of the optimal weight of the ergonomic mouse. Let me explain why:
To control a mouse movement you always need two muscle actions, because a muscle can only pull (think of the reins to control a horse).
If the object moved by your hand is too light, you need additional muscle action to control this movement. The hand can only move an object without this extra (unnecessary) muscle action if the object has a certain weight.

It is exactly for that reason that an ergonomic mouse should be weight balanced. During our two years of field research we have established the optimum weight of an ergonomic computer mouse to prevent unnecessary muscle action. As you can imagine, this has been applied to your ergonomic HandShoe Mouse. The weights are dependant on the HandShoe Mouse sizes Small, Medium and Large, which are made for different hand sizes.

As a result, you might experience the weight of the HandShoe Mouse is more than average. In general, however, standard and so called ergonomic computer mice are far too light to realise optimal muscle relaxation.

Ergonomic mouse with adjustable weight and cursor speed

If you think the mouse is too heavy to your liking, you have an option to remove some weights from the weight chamber in the HandShoe Mouse, although we do not recommend  it; you just have to get used to it.

During our fundamental and field research we also noted that many people tend to lift their mouse to keep the cursor on the screen in the same place. This requires a gripping action which is actually not necessary. For that reason we do not want you to lift the mouse and there is no need for it either:

ergonomic mouse
Start Position
ergonomic mouse
Just Roll On It’s Side

If you want to move the HandShoe Mouse without moving the cursor on the screen, you just roll it on its side by lightly pushing down the side of the HandShoe Mouse where your little finger is resting.
You can then slide the mouse over your desk and the cursor will stay in the same position.

Finally, to enhance control of the mouse, we also advise you to set your cursor speed at around medium. This is easy to do if you follow the instructions of the short video below.

Ergonomic Mouse Adjust Cursor Speed

[flashvideo file=http://www.handshoemouse.com/videos/vidsdnld/Handshoemouse-mouse-speed.flv image=http://www.handshoemouse.com/videos/vidsdnld/HSM-W-hand2.gif /]

The Ergonomic HandShoe Mouse is “Plug and Play”

no gripping or pinching

The HandShoe Mouse has been designed with you, our customer in mind.
First of all, the HandShoe Mouse is plug and play. Just connect your mouse to any computer and start clicking.

Ergonomic Mouse with Standard Cable

We have used standard building blocks to make it easy to replace components.
For example, the HandShoe Mouse comes with a standard removable cable. So if you damage the cable you can replace it. You don’t have to throw the mouse away like when you have a mouse with a fixed cable. If needed, we can easily replace parts which are succeptible to wear and tear. Your mouse will then be like new again.

Eco Friendly Wireless HandShoe Mouse

The wireless HandShoe Mouse is fitted with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Instead of having to find replacement batteries you save time and money.

Just connect the cable temporarily and keep working while the battery is recharging. You can repeat this for years while you save the environment. The specially shaped body of the handshoe mouse is strong and resilient and will last a long time.

Last but not least, our service is second to none. We will support you and will answer all your questions, wherever you are in the world.
Get in touch with the Support Team by clicking this link.

Watch the one minute video about the Plug and Play HandShoe Mouse

[flashvideo file=http://www.handshoemouse.com/videos/vidsdnld/HandShoe-Mouse-plugplay.flv image=http://www.handshoemouse.com/videos/vidsdnld/HSM-zwart.gif /]