Online Ergonomics: Sole HandShoe Mouse Distributor for UK and Ireland

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Hippus N.V., the Dutch owner and producer of the truly ergonomic, evidence-based HandShoe Mouse announces a new premier partnership with Online Ergonomic Ltd. They will distribute the HandShoe Mouse in the UK and Ireland, with immediate effect and as sole distributor.

The patented HandShoe Mouse has been developed by the medical department of Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Since its inception, field tests and follow-up research by several universities in other parts of the world have checked the findings of Erasmus University. They have reached the conclusion that the shape of the HandShoe Mouse is unique and it’s the only ergonomic mouse fully supporting the hand. It prevents gripping and pinching and the shape and curvature allow your hand, fingers and forearm to relax into a natural position. This means that the major causes of Repetitive Strain Injury and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are avoided.

The HandShoe Mouse was first introduced into the UK on a wider scale during the Health & Wellbeing Event in Birmingham, three years ago and has been available since this time through a growing number of ergonomic resellers in the UK and Ireland. In recent years many British and Irish ergonomists have adopted the HandShoe Mouse as their favourite ergonomic mouse. After suffering pain in their fingers, hands, arms and neck, many customers have been able to get back into action, using this comfortable and truly ergonomic mouse.

The Next Step in the UK and Ireland

“That’s why we wanted to take the next step in the UK and Ireland,” says Drs. Sjoerd Eisma, Chief Executive Officer of Hippus. “Online Ergonomics will make sure that the HandShoe Mouse will be made available through all ergonomic and therapeutic channels and many general IT channels. Everybody can have access to a HandShoe Mouse now and will enjoy working with a computer more than ever!”

Online Ergonomics distriubtor
Matthew Oliver, Managing Director of Online Ergonomics comments: “The HandShoe Mouse is based on extensive research and has already proven to be the favourite of many top-ergonomists and therapists in the UK and Ireland. We’re proud to be chosen as the HandShoe Mouse sole distribution partner in the UK and Ireland.”

Paul Helder, Chief Technical Officer of Hippus and one of the inventors of the HandShoe Mouse, is keen to add: “The HandShoe Mouse is presently the only ergonomic mouse in the world with a 3 year warranty and worldwide individual support, which is second to none!”

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