The Benefits of Using a HandShoe Mouse

With more and more people interacting with touchscreen devices rather than traditional computing inputs, you might be forgiven for thinking that the era of the mouse and keyboard is over. Even Microsoft has decided to embrace tactile displays, with Windows 8 doing away with the Start menu and turning its primary interface into a touch-friendly, tiled affair.

However, millions of people still need computer mice in order to interact with their PCs and there are plenty of different options on the market, from the basic to the specialist. The HandShoe mouse falls into the latter category, setting out to offer users the most ergonomic pointing experience on the market thanks to its fluid, intuitive design that, as the name suggests, fits your hand like a shoe fits your foot.

Using a mouse all day every day can leave you with more than just sore joints; you might also develop serious disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, or a repetitive strain injury. This is because the standard design of a mouse is not all that ergonomic, requiring that you hold your hand in an unnatural position for an extended period, thus perpetuating these issues.

handshoe mouse benefitsThe imperfect design of mice also means that when you hold them, your fingers will often be hovering over the buttons while you grip the unit from the side. This means that your hand and arm are never at rest and this tension can build up over time and do you damage.

The HandShoe mouse has been created in order to combat the issues associated with standard pointing devices, with the design based on research conducted by a Dutch medical university.

The mouse itself is large enough to rest your entire palm on its surface, while your fingers and thumb will fall naturally into a comfortable position while still giving you access to all of the buttons typically found on this kind of device.

The idea is that your hand and wrist will be provided with support and the shape of the mouse, which has been awarded a patent, will not require any of the usual gripping or pinching which can be the root of physical problems caused by traditional mice.

Choice of Three Sizes

The HandShoe mouse does not take a one size fits all approach. Instead there is a choice of three sizes that accommodate people with small, medium or large hands.

There are of course other mouse devices out there that claim to be ergonomically designed, but few can match up to the HandShoe mouse when it comes to the quality of the experience. If you have to spend all day at a PC and do not believe that the touch screen revolution is going to trickle down to standard desktop machines for some time, this product could offer you the relief you require.

You can always use mobile phone contracts to get your fill of touchscreen interaction and then take advantage of the HandShoe mouse when you are at the office or in your den at home.

Use Of Ergonomic Mouse By Moving Forearm

interosseus membrane

Conventional Mouse: Hand Flat On Desk

ergonomic mouse is betterDo you realize that with a conventional mouse your hand is flat on the desk?
So to move the mouse, you must move your wrist sideways.

While doing this, your wrist is restricted in its motion.

This is alleviated by the angle of your hand when you use the HandShoe Mouse.
With a conventional computer mouse though, repetitive motions of the hand, by just moving the wrist,
can lead to serious complaints. This was shown by Professor van Zwieten in a university publication.

Reshape of Ergonomic Mouse: Forget Handshake

In the past, various adjustments have been tried and applied to the shape of the ergonomic mouse.

ergonomic mouseModels vary from lightly slanted to a vertical or handshake position. But professor van Zwieten proves that this handshake position should be re-considered, because in this position the interosseous membrane between the two forearm bones, ulna and radius, is taut. Muscles which are used in a handshake position originate from this membrane and can thus provoke serious complaints.

ergonomic mouse

That’s why we advise to use the HandShoe Mouse instead and mainly by moving the forearm.
Of course when a minute motion is required to select an object on screen, you can move the mouse from the wrist too.

Watch a one minute video about this topic:

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