Ergonomic Mouse Research Shows Need For Hand Support

Claims of creating one of the most ergonomic computer mouse models ever, need to be backed up by hard facts and research.
Thankfully the HandShoe Mouse has been created based on studies designed to discover the most appropriate way to support the user`s hand while they are interacting with their PC via a pointing device.

The research was conducted by professionals at the Erasmus University Medical Centre, which is based in the Netherlands. It was arranged to help address the common issues associated with regular computer mouse use, such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) and carpal tunnel syndrome, both of which can threaten anyone who spends all day in front of their PC or laptop.

Various tests and experiments carried out over a period of several years have led to the arrival of the HandShoe Mouse. But first it was necessary to establish what causes the problems when using standard mouse models.

handshoe mouse hand supportHand Support: Mouse Size is Important

The first thing that researchers found was that the size of a computer mouse is usually not adequate to provide your hand with a comfortable platform for computer use. This means that most people end up pinching or gripping the device, which not only impacts your hands and arms but can also lead to tension in your deep neck muscles and pressure on arteries and nerves within your torso.

Reduced blood flow, less head mobility and even headaches can be caused by this, all of which can be compounded by the stress of everyday life and work.

Researchers also found that when using a standard mouse, most people keep one or two fingers constantly hovering over the buttons as a result of the need to avoid making an accidental interaction which could result in unintended onscreen inputs.

A similar study conducted at Belgium`s Hasselt University looked at the way that constant finger use in standard mouse models can do damage. This is where carpal tunnel syndrome can emerge, since pinched nerves and veins will reduce circulation and cause a gradual deterioration in the area.

The HandShoe Mouse was created after the analysis of data relating to the joints within the hand. It has an exterior shape that helps to keep fingers supported, eliminates the need for constant hovering and allows you to use the device as often as is necessary without encountering issues further down the line.

HandShoe Mouse Hand Support Counteracts Standard Mouse Use

The team at Hasselt University looked into the way that the user`s arm sits when using a standard mouse, describing it as the neutral handshake position. It was discovered that this puts particular pressure on the membrane connecting the two bones that make up the lower arm, with this tension ultimately leading to yet more physical complaints.

All of these dilemmas that are faced when using a standard mouse can be counteracted thanks to the HandShoe Mouse.

Its slanted body means that the neutral handshake position is not automatically adopted, while the finger support and overall makeup of its body means that it is as ergonomically sound as possible based on the currently available research. You will be wishing that an Android tablet PC was as easy and comfortable to use for extended periods.

Ergonomic Mouse: Size Matters!

handshoe size matters

We would like to explain why size matters when you select an ergonomic mouse.

First of all, we are not telling you any news if we say that different people have different hand sizes.
Secondly, several universities have found, through extensive functional and anatomical research, that an ergonomic mouse should support your hand at an angle of twenty five to thirty degrees.
That is proven to be the ideal angle for your hand to be fully relaxed.

Ergonomic Mouse Research Shows How To Relax Your Hand

Forget about a conventional, horizontal mouse or a vertical mouse.
With those mice your hand is not fully relaxed because you still need to grip and pinch the mouse in order to hold on to it.

The truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large, to make sure that your fingers can easily click the mouse buttons without lifting them. This is the difference between “one size fits all” and “an ergonomic mouse that fully supports your hand”.

handshoe ergonomic mouseAnatomical university research has also shown the importance of finger support in such a natural relaxed position, because otherwise it may lead to complaints. The handshoe mouse fulfills all ergonomic requirements and is your most ideal, truly ergonomic mouse.

So just get your hand on a HandShoe Mouse and feel the difference!


Ergonomic Mouse Video Shows It All:

University Research Proves Ergonomic Mouse Design

handshoe mouse benefits

Many stories about ergonomic mice are based on guessing, rather than proper, university based research. The good news is that the special shape of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse was created after years of university research and checked by electro myogram (EMG) measurements, which were set up as shown in the video below.

The EMG signal shows the activity of your extensor muscles while using the mouse. For the test, moments of rest were followed by moments of activity like clicking the buttons. The special shape of the HandShoe Mouse ensures that the red line shows no activity during rest and only activity while clicking. Using a traditional mouse requires continuous activity of your extensor muscles, due to gripping and pinching.

As you can see here, for a vertical mouse the result is even worse due to the reaction force of the thumb with respect to the fingers when clicking. That’s why on the HandShoe Mouse your hand is fully supported and relaxed at an angle of twenty to thirty degrees.  The HandShoe Mouse is backed by proper research and the only mouse that fits like a glove!

Watch this one minute video to see for yourself.