Why The HandShoe Mouse Has No Thumb Buttons


handshoe mouse no thumb buttons

Many times we have been asked why the HandShoe Mouse does not have switch buttons under the thumb.

Well, there is a reason: the thumb is restricted in its motion possibilities. Repetitive thumb motions to activate such buttons could thus lead to inflammation. We have therefore decided not to incorporate any thumb buttons in the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse.

Do You Suffer From “Gamers Thumb”?

An already well known discomfort as a result of unnatural motions required to operate thumb buttons is the so called gamers thumb or SMS thumb.
Various studies have shown that repetitive motions of the thumb may lead to irritation.
Muscles control tendons which slide backwards and forwards through a tunnel.
To allow these tendons to move without friction the human body produces a slippery substance.


Excessive gripping and pinching, required to control these thumb buttons, may cause inflammation.
As a result this slippery substance deteriorates, and gets watery. The smooth sliding action of the tendons is then hampered.

This will cause pain, tenderness, swelling over the thumb side of the wrist and difficulty gripping.

We’re showing this all in a one minute video:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Explained

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Today, more and more people world wide realise that it is important to support your hand when using a computer mouse. If you’re using a mouse that doesn’t fully support your hand, you may eventually experience serious neural effects.

This short video explains why that happens: when you push your hand on the desk and force it in a gripping, claw-like position, your wrist is forced in an awkward, bent position. Tendons may become irritated and swollen.

Pins and Needles

This causes excessive pressure on the median nerve which controls your hand and fingers. First you will notice a feeling of “pins and needles” in the fingers, followed by loss of sensation and even a burning pain. This phenomenon is generally called carpal tunnel syndrome. The shape of the HandShoe Mouse provides full support of the hand and fingers to prevent this harmful pressure on the wrist. Please be aware that, even after providing relief from this pressure, the nerve stays tender and may still provoke pins and needles for weeks afterwards. But when you keep using this truly ergonomic mouse you should feel the difference!

Watch the short video:

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Go to the HandShoe Mouse website.

Ergonomic Mouse: Forget Wrist Support

forget wrist support

A lot is said and written about all sorts of ergonomic tools.
Some information is highly significant to prevent complaints in neck, shoulders arms and hands.
For example it is important to support your forearm to protect your trapezius and neck muscles.

Wrist Support Freezes Arm Movement

However, if you support your arm by means of armrest or desktop, then forget about the use of a wrist support.
That doesn’t make sense if you realise what you’re doing: you’re actually freezing the movement of your entire arm by supporting it like that.
The wrist support prevents moving your arm and makes working with a mouse very uncomfortable.
Then you can move your mouse only from the wrist.

Research has shown that working in such a fashion entails the risk of ulnar nerve compression.
This may lead to numbness and pain in hand and fingers.
We therefore advise to only support the forearm at a quarter of the way from the elbow to allow for free movement.

If you then support your hand on the Handshoe Mouse you experience the luxury of free movement combined with a comfortable support without the need for gripping and pinching.

As usual, we are showing the information above in a short one minute video.
Just play the video by clicking on it.