HandShoe Mouse: Three Years Warranty on All LC models

HandShoe Mouse 3 years warranty


Breda, the Netherlands, 18 December 2013

Hippus N.V., owner and producer of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse is proud to announce that it now offers a three (3) year warranty on all of its Light Click (LC) HandShoe Mouse models.

Although most (ergonomic) mouse suppliers only offer a one year warranty, the company is confident that a three year warranty will confirm to customers, both current and prospective, that Hippus is a reliable supplier and believes in the HandShoe 3 Year Warrantyquality of its ergonomic mouse.


Claiming of warranty is subject to providing all of the following information via email to Hippus in the Netherlands.

  1. Email address and country of user
  2. Phone number of user
  3. Local supplier of the mouse
  4. Mouse type (wired or wireless) and size (Large, Medium, Small or Extra Small)
  5. Mouse serial number (visible on bottom of each mouse)


Warranty questions or claims can only be processed when all of the information above has been provided. As most of the current HandShoe Mouse warranty questions result from incorrect use, Hippus solves the far majority of issues via email or over the phone. The company is providing world wide support from its office in the

Drs. Ing. Paul C. Helder, CTO of Hippus: “We believe it’s time to show the world that we are producing the ergonomic HandShoe Mouse with a lot of confidence: it helps to protect our customers against all sorts of mouse pains.

 Warranty also valid for previously bought LC models

This three year warranty will not only be valid for all newly sold HandShoe Mouse LC models but also for all previously sold LC models. So customers who have bought the HandShoe Mouse within the past three years are also eligible to the three years warranty.


HandShoe Mouse: Weight Control & Cursor Speed

handshoe ergonomic mouse

It is comfortable to sit in your chair in a relaxed fashion and move freely.
The advice of some ergonomists is rather restrictive and will prevent such free movement.

HandShoe Mouse Field Research

During field research, the team of the HandShoe Mouse looked at all possibilities to allow the user of the mouse more freedom of movement. The patented bio-design of the HandShoe Mouse allows this without having to grip or pinch the mouse. Your muscles, however, need to feel some resistance to prevent unnecessary muscle action.

Through testing we established the optimal weight to work with and to allow your muscles to be as relaxed as possible.  Hence we included some special counter weights. If you feel your mouse is too heavy, you can remove some weights. You will find them on the outside, under a special cover. (Watch the one minute video below)

Apart from weight control we advise to set your cursor speed at medium.
This minimizes the muscle strain required to control the cursor on the screen.
If your cursor speed is too high, some muscles which act in opposition will be unnecessarily strained.
So you know, the HandShoe Mouse is a balanced ergonomic tool!

More research information is available on  the HandShoe Mouse Research Page.

The Ergonomic HandShoe Mouse is “Plug and Play”

no gripping or pinching

The HandShoe Mouse has been designed with you, our customer in mind.
First of all, the HandShoe Mouse is plug and play. Just connect your mouse to any computer and start clicking.

Ergonomic Mouse with Standard Cable

We have used standard building blocks to make it easy to replace components.
For example, the HandShoe Mouse comes with a standard removable cable. So if you damage the cable you can replace it. You don’t have to throw the mouse away like when you have a mouse with a fixed cable. If needed, we can easily replace parts which are succeptible to wear and tear. Your mouse will then be like new again.

Eco Friendly Wireless HandShoe Mouse

The wireless HandShoe Mouse is fitted with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Instead of having to find replacement batteries you save time and money.

Just connect the cable temporarily and keep working while the battery is recharging. You can repeat this for years while you save the environment. The specially shaped body of the handshoe mouse is strong and resilient and will last a long time.

Last but not least, our service is second to none. We will support you and will answer all your questions, wherever you are in the world.
Get in touch with the Support Team by clicking this link.

Watch the one minute video about the Plug and Play HandShoe Mouse

[flashvideo file=http://www.handshoemouse.com/videos/vidsdnld/HandShoe-Mouse-plugplay.flv image=http://www.handshoemouse.com/videos/vidsdnld/HSM-zwart.gif /]