HandShoe Mouse Prevents Skin Irritation


You are most likely aware that with a conventional mouse or even with some so-called ergonomic mice, the hand is positioned in such a way, that part of the wrist touches the desktop.

With a mouse like that, it is common practice to press down on the desktop, while moving the mouse from the wrist.
The skin, how-ever, is very complex and sensitive. Pressure and thus friction between skin of the wrist and the desktop, may lead to irritation and discomfort.

These symptoms are commonly called computer palms. So you should actually not lean forward and press down on the wrists when using any computer mouse.
A better, relaxed position, with your forearm supported, reduces the wrist pressure.
Support of the entire hand and thus palm and fingers, results in minimal pressure on the pinky side of the hand near the wrist, which is the best way to prevent computer palms.

When you slide a mouse over the desktop, there should be hardly any skin contact.

Now, this is exactly what the HandShoe Mouse offers.
It supports the hand comfortably and protects against skin irritation, so it’s allowing us to work long hours without risk!

Evolution of the Mouse

evolution of computer mouse

Several years ago we only had the conventional mouse.
With this standard mouse, the hand has no other option but to grip and pinch the body in order to move the mouse, often from the wrist. Hand and fingers hover above the mouse buttons to prevent inadvertent clicking.

Then, there was the vertical mouse which was meant to be an alternative to the standard mouse, creating a better mobility. New university research showed, however, that any vertical position forces your hand in a handshake position. This results in significant stresses on the interosseous membrane in your forearm, which connects ulna and radius. It also affects your thumb and finger muscles. Due to the vertical, handshake position, gripping and pinching is still required, to handle the mouse.

The truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse is the next step in the evolution of the mouse.
It was designed by a medical university and created to counter all the negative effects.
It supports your fingers, hand palm and wrist under an ideal slanted angle.

In this position the interosseous membrane is fully relaxed and there’s no more gripping and pinching!

In this one mintue video we show you the details of the evolution of the mouse: