Handshoe Mouse and your Gyons Canal


In a different video we address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can be caused by gripping and pinching of a relatively small standard mouse.

Gyons CanalWhen you reach for your mouse pressing down on the desktop, working from the wrist, you force your hand in a gripping, claw like position.
You then stand a good chance to experience pain. Let’s explain:

Working with a mouse that not fully supports the hand, may lead to serious neural effects.
Excessive pressure on the nerves that control hand and fingers, will first be noticed by a feeling of pins and needles in the fingers, followed by loss of sensation and even burning pain.

For example the little and ring finger side may be affected when one pushes down on the desk top with the pinky side of the hand.
Here, through a separate tunnel called Guyon’s Canal runs the more exposed ulnar nerve. It is only protected by a minute bone, the pisiform. It acts like a shield.

Special attention should therefore be paid to support this side of the hand and prevent excessive loads.

What Causes Mouse Pain?

This one minute video shows you clearly why you get pain in your hand and fingers when using a conventional computer mouse.  The HandShoe Mouse provides full support for your hand and prevents gripping and pinching. That’s exactly what makes the difference with a standard mouse.

HandShoe Mouse Appoints Zenlap as French Distributor

logo Zenlap
HandShoe Mouse on Zenlap website
HandShoe Mouse on Zenlap website

Hippus N.V., the Dutch owner and producer of the truly ergonomic evidence-based HandShoe Mouse, announces a new premier partnership with Zenlap. They will distribute the HandShoe Mouse in France, with immediate effect and as sole distributor.

The patented HandShoe Mouse has been developed by the medical department of Erasmus University in the Netherlands.
Since its inception, field tests and follow-up research by several universities in other parts of the world have checked the findings of Erasmus University. They have reached the conclusion that the shape of the HandShoe Mouse is unique and it’s the only ergonomic mouse fully supporting the hand. It prevents gripping and pinching and the shape and curvature allow your hand, fingers and forearm to relax into a natural position. This means that the major causes of Repetitive Strain Injury and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are avoided.

The HandShoe Mouse was re-introduced in France on a wider scale during the ErgoProtection Event In Paris, in November 2014 and has attracting an enormous interest from both large and small French companies and organisations, looking for a solution to prevent mouse pain, RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The HandShoe Mouse has been available in France for several years through a growing network of Resellers. In recent years many French ergonomists have adopted the HandShoe Mouse as their favourite ergonomic mouse. After suffering pain in their fingers, hands, arms and neck, many customers have been able to get back into action, using this comfortable and truly ergonomic mouse.

The Next Step with Zenlap in France

“That’s why we wanted to take the next step in France,” says Drs. Sjoerd Eisma, Chief Executive Officer of Hippus. “Zenlap will make sure that the HandShoe Mouse will be made available through all ergonomic and therapeutic channels and many general IT channels. Everybody can have access to a HandShoe Mouse now and will enjoy working with a computer more than ever!”
Hadrien Matringe, Founder and Owner of Zenlap comments: “The HandShoe Mouse is based on extensive research and is working on acceptance of this ergonomic mouse to be the favourite of many top-ergonomists and therapists in France. We’re proud to be chosen as the HandShoe Mouse sole distribution partner in France.”

Drs Ing Paul Helder, Chief Technical Officer of Hippus and one of the inventors of the HandShoe Mouse, is keen to add: “The HandShoe Mouse is presently the only ergonomic mouse in the world with a 3 year warranty and worldwide individual support, which is second to none!”

About Hippus:
Hippus is a privately owned company, based in the Netherlands. Both directors of Hippus are also shareholders of Hippus. For more information visit http://www.HandShoeMouse.com

About Zenlap:
Zenlap has been a distributor of the best ergonomic products, available in France since 2009 and sells these through a network of specialized ergonomic resellers, as well as through the most important resellers of IT products. Zenlap keeps all products in stock and markets products via specialized trade shows in close co-operation with its suppliers. For more information you can finfd the HandShoe Mouse on the Zenlap Website.

Here’s a HandShoe Mouse which you can also find on the Zenlap website: