HandShoe Mouse: Global Ergonomic Support


Did you ever buy an ergonomic product and wanted to ask some specific questions about how to use it?
It regularly happens to me after I’ve bought some high tech product.
To find an answer I then start my search online for specific instructions.

For my ergonomic HandShoe Mouse, I found the extensive FAQ page and a tips page online but still wasn’t sure if I did the right thing.
So I sent an email to support@handshoemouse.com and got a reply within twenty four hours!
Nine times out of ten, however, when you contact any customer service, they just aren’t interested.
You get sent from one department to another, the people don’t know how to solve your problem and just tell you to buy a new one.

Global Ergonomic Support Makes the Difference

With the ergonomic HandShoe Mouse, it’s completely different: the detailed FAQ page actually answers all common questions and shows how to solve issues with simple written instructions and one minute videos.
If necessary they’ll even call you and talk you through the steps.

This best customer service is combined with three years warranty on the light click models, which means they have faith and believe in their own ergonomic HandShoe Mouse.

Watch the video and remember: If you buy a HandShoe Mouse you get world wide support!