Handshoe Mouse and your Gyons Canal


In a different video we address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can be caused by gripping and pinching of a relatively small standard mouse.

Gyons CanalWhen you reach for your mouse pressing down on the desktop, working from the wrist, you force your hand in a gripping, claw like position.
You then stand a good chance to experience pain. Let’s explain:

Working with a mouse that not fully supports the hand, may lead to serious neural effects.
Excessive pressure on the nerves that control hand and fingers, will first be noticed by a feeling of pins and needles in the fingers, followed by loss of sensation and even burning pain.

For example the little and ring finger side may be affected when one pushes down on the desk top with the pinky side of the hand.
Here, through a separate tunnel called Guyon’s Canal runs the more exposed ulnar nerve. It is only protected by a minute bone, the pisiform. It acts like a shield.

Special attention should therefore be paid to support this side of the hand and prevent excessive loads.