Ergotrading Sole HandShoe Mouse Distributor in Germany

ergotrading distributes HandShoe Mouse

The HandShoe Mouse team is proud to announce a new premier partnership with Ergotrading GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, which company is now the sole Distributor for HandShoe Mouse in Germany.

The HandShoe Mouse is available all over the world from an increasing number of distributors and resellers and is, also in Germany,  viewed as a truly ergonomic mouse, based on extensive university research. The patented shape of the HandShoe Mouse is unique as it’s the only ergonomic mouse which fully supports the hand. It prevents gripping and pinching and the shape and curvature allow your hand, fingers and forearm to relax in a natural position. This means that the major causes of Repetitive Strain Injury and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, often referred to as “mouse pain”, are avoided.

The HandShoe Mouse was initially introduced into Germany on a wider scale by several successful resellers who have adopted the HandShoe Mouse as their preferred ergonomic mouse.
Hippus and Ergotrading agreed that the time is right to join forces in their marketing efforts and support to resellers and end users and to generate even more attention for this successful ergonomic product. Hippus has recently published more language versions of its website which now is available in English, German, French and Chinese.

In recent years many international ergonomists have adopted the HandShoe Mouse as their favourite ergonomic mouse. After suffering from pain in their fingers, hands, arms and neck, many customers have been able to get back into action, using this comfortable and truly ergonomic mouse.

“We are glad we can now further build our business in Germany,” says Drs. Sjoerd Eisma, Chief Executive Officer of Hippus. “Ergotrading will make the HandShoe Mouse available through all ergonomic and therapeutic channels. Everybody in Germany will now have easy access to a HandShoe Mouse and will be able to enjoy working with a computer more than ever!”

Volker Timm, CEO of Ergotrading GmbH confirms: “I’m glad we can add the HandShoe Mouse to our distribution range of ergonomic products as it’s based on extensive research and has already proven to be the favourite of many top-ergonomists and therapists in the world. We’re proud to be chosen as the HandShoe Mouse sole distribution partner in Germany”

Drs. Ing. Paul Helder, Chief Technical Officer of Hippus and one of the inventors of the HandShoe Mouse, is keen to add: “The HandShoe Mouse is presently the only ergonomic mouse in the world with an extensive research background, a 3 year warranty and worldwide individual support, which is second to none!”

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