Ergonomic Mouse: New Left HandShoe Mouse

left and right handshoe

The truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse is now offering a brand new ergonomic mouse for the left hand in sizes Small, Medium and Large. This ergonomic mouse also has a reduced click force for the mouse buttons which makes the user experience even better. Available at the end of September 2011.

Ergonomic Mouse in Three Sizes

HandShoe Mouse LeftHippus, the owner and producer of the patented, truly ergonomic mouse,the HandShoe Mouse, is pleased to introduce the new version for the left hand. This new ergonomic mouse model will be mass produced in sizes Small, Medium, Large and comes with a lighter “click force” to operate the mouse buttons.

This will give the user a very comfortable ergonomic experience. Later this year the lighter”click force” will also be made available for the right hand version.

Until recently the left hander was only available as a handmade mouse at considerable higher costs but with the larger production volume the left hand version is now available at a price comparable to the right hand version of the HandShoe Mouse.

The unique patented shape of the HandShoe Mouse is based on many years of research and testing by several medical universities.

Ergonomic Mouse Features

The most important features of the HandShoe Mouse are:

  1. full support of you hand and fingers at the proven ideal angle of 25-30 degrees
  2. no possibility for “gripping and pinching”, a major cause for RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. no friction between the skin of your hand and the desk top

You can now check it out on the new website of the HandShoe Mouse.

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