What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In our ergonomic mouse research during the development of the HandShoe Mouse we noted a few significant sources of flow restriction in arm and hand.
On our main ergonomic mouse website we address this on the first page in the Research section.

A restricted blood flow to the arms could be caused by excessive gripping and pinching when you use a standard (not ergonomic) mouse. This may lead to a contraction of the deep neck muscles and thereby a closing of the Costoclavicular gate which is explained on the HandShoe Mouse Research page:


In line with this phenomenon is the complaint of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
One of the causes must be assumed to be a restriction of the lymphatic flow.
See the picture below, which shows the  lymphatic system as well as the main artery.
Some people believe you can prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by means of excercises.

lymphatic flow

But it is not so much the exercises which could provide relief.
You have to tackle the source of the problem and one of the sources identified by our university based research is the Costoclavicular Gate.

The image presented here shows this gate and the artery. The lymphatic system is shown in black on the right.

The gate is affected by the space between the first rib and the clavicular bone.

Deep neck muscles

Deep neck muscle tension

Deep neck muscle tension will narrow this gate. The image on the left shows the deep neck muscles. In other words, it is the general tension in the deep neck muscles (more specific Scaleni) which is a major source of complaints which are generally referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

It should be noted that by using the HandShoe Mouse you prevent excessive gripping and pinching. In general you should be aware that you do not grip excessively

This also applies to handling tools like screw drivers and hammers as well as cutlery, pencils, the steering wheel of your car etc.

Is Wrist Pain Related To Your Armrest?

It is important to realize that the position of the hand and the motion of the hand by just moving from the wrist can have significant negative effects.

Pain in the elbow region is sometimes attributed to resting the elbow on the armrest of the chair. This is and cannot, however, be the source of this type of complaints.
In fact, it appears that repetitive motions of the hand when handling the computer mouse by moving the wrist sideways, may gradually lead to some swelling (hypertrophy) of the muscle that enables the wrist to flex. This muscle is situated around the elbow. In some cases this swelling may result in painful nerve compression in the elbow region.
This complaint can very easily occur with the use of a conventional mouse. The user usually grips the mouse and moves the hand from the wrist which rests on the desk.
The bio-design of the HandShoe Mouse is made in such a way, that your wrist, hand, and fingers are fully supported. That’s how the HandShoe Mouse allows a free movement from the forearm and wrist. This design prevents unnecessary friction.

prevent Repetitive Strain Injury