Ergonomic Mouse – Stop Reaching

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If you use an ergonomic mouse or not, this information will show you that you should stop reaching while using your ergonomic mouse to prevent shoulder pain.

Do your neck and shoulders ever feel stiff, after a days work behind your PC or laptop?

This is mainly caused by the large muscles, which run along the upper part of your back up to the base of your skull, the so called trapezius or trap muscles. You can feel them when stretching one arm forward and touching the area between your neck and shoulder with your other hand.
Then you will clearly feel that reaching for mouse and keyboard forces these muscles to be unnecessarily active.

Various studies show the importance of a relaxed posture which also means not to reach when using your mouse.
Some people believe that providing support at the wrist is sufficient, but you can feel yourself that this doesn’t reduce the strain on the neck -shoulder area.
Electro myogram measurements have proven the positive effect of supporting your arm.

The handshoe mouse provides support for hand and fingers to allow the forearm to relax.
Make sure you also support your forearm on your desktop or arm rest, which prevents reaching.
Now your neck and shoulders will feel relaxed, even after a hard days work!

Ergonomic Mouse Video – Stop Reaching

The short ergonomic mouse video below shows why you should stop reaching when using an ergonomic mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse: Size Matters!

handshoe size matters

We would like to explain why size matters when you select an ergonomic mouse.

First of all, we are not telling you any news if we say that different people have different hand sizes.
Secondly, several universities have found, through extensive functional and anatomical research, that an ergonomic mouse should support your hand at an angle of twenty five to thirty degrees.
That is proven to be the ideal angle for your hand to be fully relaxed.

Ergonomic Mouse Research Shows How To Relax Your Hand

Forget about a conventional, horizontal mouse or a vertical mouse.
With those mice your hand is not fully relaxed because you still need to grip and pinch the mouse in order to hold on to it.

The truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large, to make sure that your fingers can easily click the mouse buttons without lifting them. This is the difference between “one size fits all” and “an ergonomic mouse that fully supports your hand”.

handshoe ergonomic mouseAnatomical university research has also shown the importance of finger support in such a natural relaxed position, because otherwise it may lead to complaints. The handshoe mouse fulfills all ergonomic requirements and is your most ideal, truly ergonomic mouse.

So just get your hand on a HandShoe Mouse and feel the difference!


Ergonomic Mouse Video Shows It All:

HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse: Support Hand & Arm

ergonomic mouse support

Bio Design of the HandShoe Mouse

The bio design of the HandShoe mouse is based on the inside contour of your hand.
Just put your hand on this mouse and experience how natural and comfortable it feels.
Your hand is supported under an angle that allows easy movement, also from the wrist.
You don’t have to hold on to the handshoe mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse Relaxes Your Hand

The shape of this ergonomic mouse enables you to work with it, while your hand is fully relaxed. ergonomic mouse: HandShoe keeps fingers relaxed
Your hand, fingers and thumb are draped on the HandShoe Mouse, that’s why it feels so good.
To create full relaxation of your hand and wrist, you must support your forearm on the armrest of your chair or on your desktop.
Otherwise your deep neck muscles will get strained. You probably know what it feels like.

Prevent Mouse Pain

All you have to do now is slide the mouse over your desktop and of course select, click and scroll.
Finally, be aware that some muscles in your forearm are used extensively when you move your hand sideways which can become painful. These muscles will then start to protest while certain nerves get compressed.

This may lead to pain in your wrist but, when used correctly, your HandShoe Mouse prevents the mouse pain.

Get a good impression of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse in this short video: