Handshoe Mouse Frequently Asked Questions

Working with the HandShoe Mouse

General advice for use is provided on our tips page.
The video on the right shows the importance of choosing the correct size in order to realize optimal support for your hand on the HandShoe Mouse

It is also important to set your cursor speed at medium; the next video on the right shows you how to do that for a Microsoft Operating System.

If the information on this page doesn’t answer your question(s), you can email us: support@handshoemouse.com

Questions and Answers

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What Size Mouse Should I Pick?

You can measure the best size for your hand by following the measuring instructions at the top of our order page. To go to the order page, click here

How Do I Install My Mouse?

The HandShoe Mouse uses your Operating Systems’ standard drivers. Just plug it in and it should work, however, some computers will require you to restart them before it will work

How Do I Use The HandShoe Mouse On My MAC?

MAC users have the possibility to program their HandShoe Mouse buttons.

Detailed instructions can be downloaded by clicking on THIS LINK.

I’ve Lost My Cable/Antenna, What Should I Do?

You can order a new one from our order page.

  • They are found at the bottom of the order page with the spare parts.
  • To visit the order page, click here.

Please note that antenna and cable do not fall under warranty.

I’ve Damaged My Cable/Antenna, What Should I Do?

You can order a new one from our order page.

  • They are found at the bottom of the order page with the spare parts.
  • To visit the order page, click here.

Please note that antenna and cable do not fall under warranty.

My Wireless Mouse Lost Connection With My Antenna, What Can I Do?

There are a few things to check, ideally in this order:

  • Is the mouse charged? Leave it attached to the charger for a few hours, making sure the computer is FULLY powered at all times (NOT in standby or sleep mode).
  • Are you connected directly to the computer? USB splitters and other indirect connections will reduce connectivity!
  • Try a different USB port. If the original is damaged, it could be causing the connection issue.
  • Check the antenna for signs of damage. Look for the metal part wobbling in the plastic housing for instance, as this is a key tell-tale sign of damage.
  • Perform a repairing, via the seven steps (shown on the right).

My Wireless Mouse Isn’t Charging, What Should I Do?

  • It’s important to know that perceived charging problems aren’t always about charging. Try flicking the power switch between the on and off setting a few times. If the blue tracking light flashes up at all, you probably have power. Often the real problem lies with connectivity issues, so check the steps on the question above to see if this fixes the issue.
  • If it isn’t a connectivity problem, check your charging cable for signs of damage. This could include:
    • Harsh kinks, twists or bends in the cable.
    • Damage to the metal USB or Micro USB connector (either end of the cable).
  • Check the micro USB receiver on the mouse for signs of damage (bent or damaged housing for instance).
  • Try charging via a different USB port.
  • If none of the above steps work, go to the bottom of the FAQ for further options.

Will The HandShoe Mouse Fit On My Desk?

The HandShoe Mouse fits easily on most standard desks. When set up as per recommendation, it uses only a small area around the mouse (approximately 1 inch around it) to be able to traverse the whole screen.

I’m On The Edge Between Two Sizes, Which Should I Pick?

  • We usually recommend picking the smaller of the two.
    • While it is true that a mouse needs to be big enough to support your hand, a mouse which is too large is also bad.
    • The smaller of the two sizes will therefore offer you better support than the larger of the two.

Are The Mouse Buttons Programmable?

No, the HandShoe Mouse uses your standard PC Operating System to decide what the switches do.

There are only two switches on a HandShoe Mouse, and they therefore act as a left and right click.

My Mouse Buttons Aren’t Responding, What Should I Do?

If your mouse is WIRELESS, check for connectivity issues first by following the 7 repairing steps, showing on the right of this page.

If your mouse is WIRED, or the above does not help, please go to the bottom of the FAQ for further options.

My Mouse Never Worked, What Should I Do?


Have you connected the mouse via the connecting cable?

Make sure you are plugged directly into your PC. (NOT via a USB splitter or extender).

Check your cable for signs of damage. If it appears to be broken, contact support (via the instructions below) and inform them of the problem.


Is your mouse switched ON? (check the power switch on the bottom).

Have you connected the USB receiver (antenna) DIRECTLY to the PC? (NOT via a USB splitter or extender).

Does your mouse have power? Try attaching the charging cable too. If the mouse has been in stock for some time, the battery may be empty.

Check for connectivity issues first by performing a re-pairing. This is done by following the steps described here (hyperlink on here).

If none of the above steps help you, follow the instructions at the bottom of the FAQ.

What Is The Warranty On My HandShoe Mouse?

The standard warranty on all mice after serial numbers starting ‘1309’ is 3 years. Further information regarding said warranty is found at the bottom of this page.

Any mice before serial number 1309 have a warranty of 1 year.

The FAQ steps aren’t working for me, what should I do?

Contact our Support Team at Support@HandShoeMouse.com

Please include:

  • The Model and Serial numbers of your mouse (found on the bottom of the mouse and on your original box).
  • A summary of the problem and when it started.
  • A summary of what troubleshooting steps you have already taken (this saves us checking over all the steps with you again and will save you time if you have done them already).

WARRANTY Period and Conditions

  • HandShoe Mouse Light Click (LC) Models with serial numbers starting with 1807…. or higher are supplied with a three year warranty.
  • All earlier Models have a one year warranty.
  • When claiming warranty, a copy of your purchase confirmation from your supplier is required.

Warranty does not apply for:

  • Normal wear and tear of mouse sliders
  • Loss of cable or antenna
  • Damaged cable or antenna
  • Mouse Body damage due to maltreatment (e.g. mouse being dropped etc.)
  • Mouse that has been opened without our written consent
  • Broken mouse buttons as a result of maltreatment, dropping, accidents etc.Spare parts (antennas and cables) can be ordered on this order page (scroll down to bottom of that page).

Which information needs to be provided to claim warranty?

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Procedure:

In case you need to return a product to Hippus for whatever reason,
first get in touch with us at support@handshoemouse.com and ask for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) code in the heading of your email.

When instructed by us to return the mouse, click the link below to download and read the instructions:

Customers in the EEC download this document: RMA EEC

Customers outside the EEC download this document: RMA outside EEC

After receiving this RMA code plus instructions from Hippus you may return the HSM to the indicated address.

The 7 Repairing Steps For Wireless Mice

  1. Connect the charging cable to be sure the mouse has power. If your mouse is a DUAL MODE mouse (this is indicated on your blue mouse box), skip this step.
  2. Remove your wireless micro antenna from the computer.
  3. Wait for the blue tracking light (on the bottom of the mouse) to switch off.
  4. Press the QA button, a small black button found on the bottom of the mouse.  (If this is the first time you are doing this, it should be under a QA sticker) Press the button and hold it down for 10 seconds, after which release the button. The tracking light may flash on again after this.
  5. Wait for the tracking light to switch off again (if it was on), and then place your micro antenna back into your computer.
  6. Press the QA button again, holding it down for 3 seconds. Release it after 3 seconds.
  7. Press the QA button again, once.

The blue tracking light on the bottom of your mouse should now be switched on again, and signal should be restored.
If it is not, carefully do the re-pairing steps once more again.
Pay special attention to make sure you hold the QA button down for the right amount of time during each step.

If the re-pairing does not work after the second time, contact support as per the instructions at the bottom of the FAQ