HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse: Support Hand & Arm

ergonomic mouse support

Bio Design of the HandShoe Mouse

The bio design of the HandShoe mouse is based on the inside contour of your hand.
Just put your hand on this mouse and experience how natural and comfortable it feels.
Your hand is supported under an angle that allows easy movement, also from the wrist.
You don’t have to hold on to the handshoe mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse Relaxes Your Hand

The shape of this ergonomic mouse enables you to work with it, while your hand is fully relaxed. ergonomic mouse: HandShoe keeps fingers relaxed
Your hand, fingers and thumb are draped on the HandShoe Mouse, that’s why it feels so good.
To create full relaxation of your hand and wrist, you must support your forearm on the armrest of your chair or on your desktop.
Otherwise your deep neck muscles will get strained. You probably know what it feels like.

Prevent Mouse Pain

All you have to do now is slide the mouse over your desktop and of course select, click and scroll.
Finally, be aware that some muscles in your forearm are used extensively when you move your hand sideways which can become painful. These muscles will then start to protest while certain nerves get compressed.

This may lead to pain in your wrist but, when used correctly, your HandShoe Mouse prevents the mouse pain.

Get a good impression of the truly ergonomic HandShoe Mouse in this short video: