Ergonomic Mouse – Stop Reaching

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If you use an ergonomic mouse or not, this information will show you that you should stop reaching while using your ergonomic mouse to prevent shoulder pain.

Do your neck and shoulders ever feel stiff, after a days work behind your PC or laptop?

This is mainly caused by the large muscles, which run along the upper part of your back up to the base of your skull, the so called trapezius or trap muscles. You can feel them when stretching one arm forward and touching the area between your neck and shoulder with your other hand.
Then you will clearly feel that reaching for mouse and keyboard forces these muscles to be unnecessarily active.

Various studies show the importance of a relaxed posture which also means not to reach when using your mouse.
Some people believe that providing support at the wrist is sufficient, but you can feel yourself that this doesn’t reduce the strain on the neck -shoulder area.
Electro myogram measurements have proven the positive effect of supporting your arm.

The handshoe mouse provides support for hand and fingers to allow the forearm to relax.
Make sure you also support your forearm on your desktop or arm rest, which prevents reaching.
Now your neck and shoulders will feel relaxed, even after a hard days work!

Ergonomic Mouse Video – Stop Reaching

The short ergonomic mouse video below shows why you should stop reaching when using an ergonomic mouse.